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Cats and dogs are more predictable, sociable, and often healthier pets if they have been neutered.

We use the best and safest anaesthetics and electronic monitoring equipment  in our operating theatres.  Young dogs, cats and rabbits recover very quickly after the anaesthetic and surgery. We use hidden, absorbable skin sutures where possible. In most cases you will not see the stitches, and suture removal is not required.


Why Neuter Cats?

Entire cats (those who have not been neutered) have more frequent cat bite abscesses, and are at greater risk of contracting FeLV/FIV (cat viruses with similarities to the HIV/AIDS condition in humans).  Entire tomcats produce very smelly urine and may mark their territory with it (including your house).  Female cats can produce several litters of kittens each year.  In pet cats it really makes so much sense to neuter, it’s hard to think of reasons not to.  Visit icatcare, for sound and independent advice on neutering.


Why Neuter Dogs?

In dogs, un-neutered animals have a greater risk of some cancers and other diseases, risk unplanned pregnancy, can be more aggressive, and are more likely to stray from home.  It is possible to have an un-neutered dog in good health, but on balance neutering early in life has more benefits than not.

Visit DogsTrust for some independent advice.

The Dogs Trust also operate a subsidised neutering scheme.  We are delighted to support this charitable scheme, and will carry out the operations for eligible owners. Read more about the scheme and eligibility here.


At What Age Can It Be Done?

Our usual practice is to neuter cats and dogs from 5-6 months old (in some cases it can be done before this age). Male and female cats, and male dogs can be neutered at any time after this age.

In bitches, we advise neutering either before any signs of a season (about five months old) OR  three months after the first season.  Early neutering reduces the risk of mammary cancers and prevents the potentially life threatening condition ‘pyometra’, which is an infection in the uterus. Please speak to us if you would like to discuss the timing of neutering.


Neutering in Rabbits

Rabbits are neutered from 4 months old, for much the same reasons as dogs and cats.  As many as 60-80% of entire female rabbits over four years old will have uterine cancer. This is a very aggressive, fatal disease.  Neutering is the only sensible precaution to prevent it.

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