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Cat owners - Information regarding Feline Pancytopenia cases.

We have become aware of an increase in cats within the UK falling ill with pancytopenia. (symptoms below). The Royal Veterinary College London are leading investigations into this.

So far it seems there MAY be a link to one cat food manufacturing establishment, which is used by several different brands, who  have now issued a re-call on certain products.

Brands manufactured at this establishment include:
Applaws (dry food)
AVA (sold by Pets at Home)

We DO NOT sell any of these products but advise clients to visit the website for a list of foods being recalled on the link at the bottom of the post.
If you currently feed these brands we would advise you stop feeding these immediately.
If you need advice on feeding alternative foods please get in touch.

Pancytopenia is reduced levels of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Symptoms include: Lethargy. High temperature. Pale gums. Blood in the urine or faeces (faeces will usually be dark black). Small areas of bruising to the skin or gums.
If you notice any of these symptoms please arrange an appointment so we can check your cat and take a blood test if necessary.


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