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Brrr – It's cold out there!

With the colder weather settling in, it’s a good idea to start making plans to avoid some Christmas calamities and keep our pets healthy throughout the festive season.


Winter Walks:

In order to avoid pets expanding their waistline, getting out and about as the weather cools is essential. However, make sure that your pets are adequately prepared; when outside they may need to wear waterproof and warm jackets, especially if they are older or have thin coats. Some salt mixtures on paths, and also snow building up between the paws can cause limping and pain. So, do check your pet’s feet regularly and make sure they are washed and clean on return from a walk. Whilst out and about, make sure you play some games to give your pet mental as well as physical exercise.


Toxic Alert:

Anti-freeze poisonings increase at this time of year because we use it more in our cars. Although it is highly toxic, it tastes very sweet and pets, in particular cats will drink it readily. Make sure your car isn’t leaking any fluid and keep cans or bottles of it well out of reach and cleaned on the outside. Even a few licks can be fatal.


Outdoor Pets:

Rabbits and guinea pigs are ideally brought into a heated garage or shed, or moved inside. Make sure they have plenty of bedding and that their water supply is fresh. Check your small furries at least once a day to make sure they are bright, eating and well. If you have a rabbit or guinea pig who lives along, now is the ideal time to think about getting a friend of the same species so they have someone to cuddle up with!  



Foliage Alert:

Some plants such as ivy, poinsettia, holly berries and mistletoe can also cause stomach upsets. Lily petals and pollen are very toxic to cats. They may brush against the pollen and lick it off their fur, which can cause kidney failure.


Festive Alert:

Pieces of string, tinsel and bones from the turkey should be kept well out of reach to avoid an intestinal blockage and the possible need for surgery. Baubles and lights, if broken and eaten will cause damage to your pet. Similarly, we see lots of problems at this time of year from pets eating things like chocolate, Christmas cake and mince pies.


So – Enjoy the festive season and follow these tips to keep your pets safe and healthy. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Selection of coats, blankets, beds and toys available and on display in both Haverfordwest and Pembroke Dock to purchase.

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