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Fenton Farm Vets – part of the XLVets community

Fenton Vets remains proudly independent.  We are dedicated to providing a high quality, cost-effective service to you, supporting growth and prosperity in Pembrokeshire.

Being part of XLVets allows us to benefit from knowledge sharing and group purchasing with a network of progressive, like minded veterinary practices across the UK.  Think of it as the veterinary equivalent of being in a farm discussion group: whether you’re a grasshopper or wagon wheeler it’s always good to know what’s happening in the county and across the country!  Purchasing on behalf 40 practices in the UK means that we benefit from better drug prices and have a steadier supply of products. 

Remaining independently owned by local vets means that we have the freedom to make our own decisions.  Our business is local, our staff are local and our profits stay local.

As a whole, being an independent business with the support of XLVets enables us to provide the support, advice and clinical expertise required to maximise health and productivity on-farm – keeping animal welfare & your business at the heart of what we do.

Why choose Fenton Farm Vets?

  • Continuity of care comes first. You will have a dedicated vet working as part of your team
  • Our 24-hour emergency service - 2 vets on call every night
  • We actively promote farmer training and run a series of events and courses throughout the year
  • Ram and bull fertility testing
  • Flock health club
  • Progressive, Red Tractor compliant herd health planning


Fenton Farm Vets: In Pembrokeshire, for Pembrokeshire

XLVets is a group of progressive veterinary practices that work together to achieve the highest standards of veterinary care.

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