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Brand New, State of the Art Lab Equipment!

We are very excited to announce that we have replaced all our laboratory equipment with brand new state of the art analysers which enables us to continue to provide you with fast accurate results for all manner of health concerns and conditions.

Our latest piece of technology is an analyser which provides  complete analysis of urine samples.


Meet the Idexx Sedivue DX

Urine samples may be required to help us to define the nature of many conditions.

It is useful to provide a sample of urine from your pet in the following circumstances.


  • As part of an annual health check for animals over 7 yrs old
  • For animals that are seen to be drinking more than normal
  • For animals that are seen to be going to the toilet more frequently
  • For animals that have difficulty or pain passing urine or have blood in their urine.
  • For animals on some long term medications such as anti-inflammatories.
  • Animals with kidney problems who required regular monitoring


The machine will take the urine sample, spin it down using it’s ‘on board’ centrifuge, analyse the constituent parts of the urine using a built in microscope and take 70 pictures of each sample. Then using artificial intelligence it compares each  sample with 350 million stored images to find any abnormalities.!!

The image below shows a sample which contains crystals which, if left undetected can form into bladder stones.

Another machine, the UA analyser automatically reads and reports urine ‘dipstick’ results within 80 seconds. Dipsticks are really important in the diagnosis and management of diseases such as kidney disease and diabetes, picking up microscopic amounts of blood or sugar in the urine, meaning we can diagnose and treat conditions earlier and quicker.

If you would like to have your pet’s urine analysed either as part of a health check or because you have concerns, then please  speak to one of our team or collect a sample pot and drop in a sample for testing.

Full analysis currently costs  just £20 and results are available the same day.



How do I collect a urine sample from my pet?

Collecting a urine sample from your dog is quite straightforward. We have collection kits and sterile pots available at reception.

Wait until your dog starts  to urinate and slip the collector underneath (for very small female dogs you can use a shallow clean dish)

Cats are a little more tricky - we can supply non absorbable litter which can be used in a litter tray, or you can visit the surgery where a sample can be taken with a needle by one of your vets.

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