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Vaccination Advice For COVID-19

We have had questions and queries regarding what to do if your pet’s vaccinations are due.

Please read the following. If you still have questions, please get in touch.

Adult dogs                              

For the following viruses -  Canine Distemper, Parvo and Hepatitis (dog) 

Adult animals that have been previously well vaccinated will, more than likely, be solidly protected until after COVID-19 dies down and can then be revaccinated once access to veterinary practices returns to normal.

For Leptospirosis - vaccines can be effective up to three months past their due date. In the event that the situation persists for longer than three months we would need to restart the course once access to our services is possible again.

In the meantime, please take sensible precautions.  Walking on the road on a lead is best, washing the dog’s feet after a walk and not allowing access to woodland streams and standing water.

Puppies and kittens who have not completed their vaccine course

Wherever possible, a sensible precaution would be to limit contact of such animals with the outdoor environment.

House and garden exercise is best but if your garden is limited or your dog is large and needs more exercise then take the sensible precautions of walking on a lead on the road, foot washing after walking and avoiding woodland and standing freshwater.

As soon as access to veterinary practices resumes, puppies should receive a full vaccination course.                           


Feline enteritis virus vaccine is valid for three years. Flu vaccine is an annual vaccine and will be boosted as soon as access to normal services resumes. In the meantime, we would recommend allowing your cat normal access to the outdoors. Keeping cats indoors if they normally go out will cause other stress related problems and is not recommended.

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