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Healthy Pets at Fenton Vets!

It’s easy to know where to go when your beloved pet is poorly and we have been providing care for the pets of Pembrokeshire for over 60 years! but professionals such as vets and vet nurses have a wealth of knowledge and information to keep your pets healthy too!!

Preventative healthcare is anything and everything to keep our pets fit and healthy, including vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, food, skin and coat health. Preventative healthcare of our pets is also so important to protect the human members of our family - with some worms being particularly harmful to children if they are ingested, causing blindness in some cases. Worms are not always seen in faeces and some worms live in the lungs (lungworm), causing internal bleeding and seizures, so getting your dog or cat checked regularly has never been more important. 

As with people, we know that regular check-ups are really important to keep us healthy - and this gets more important as we get older. The same applies to our pets, and whilst insurance can cover bills for illness and injuries, keeping pets healthy can be expensive too! 

At Fenton Vets we have created the Pet Health Club (PHC) to be able to offer what we consider to be the best preventative health products, and checkups every 6 months all at discounted prices. 

The plan works by inviting you and your pet in to have 2 health checks per year - one at the core annual vaccination review and one 6 months later. At the health checks your pet will receive a full clinical examination and all the monthly flea and worm treatments for the next 6 months, to give you complete peace of mind regarding your pet and your family’s health.  

Being a member also entitles you to a 15% off consultations and additional vaccinations such as rabies or kennel cough, 10% discount off toys, beds, food and any waiting room sales, 25% off dental scale and polish treatments and 40% off identichip placement. 

Monthly direct debit payments are required - the cost depends on the size of your pet - from just £14.43 for a cat to £24.41 for the largest dog. Please see the specific PHC page on the website for further details. 

It’s easy to join, just bring in your bank details and we’ll do the rest! 

If you have any questions, please ask any member of the practice team who can explain more. 



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