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WINTER OFFER!!  For the next 3 months

We regularly get cats brought in to us that are thought to be stray cats. Often these have just wandered a little further than normal and have homes, but are just elderly or their owners may be away for the day and the cats wander off in search of food and company. 

Unfortunately, many of these cats are not microchipped, and so the chances of being reunited with their owners is greatly reduced. 

Once brought in we can only keep them housed at the practice for a limited time and so we are trying to increase awareness of the importance of microchipping cats. Even if your cat rarely goes out or is elderly, please consider a means of permanent identification to make sure that he or she will be safely reunited with you in the event that they get picked up by a member of the public. Sometimes well-meaning people will pick up cats they see in the street without thinking that they may belong to someone close by. 

If you do find a cat, please make sure that you try to locate an’ owner before picking it up. Knock on doors, place posters and post on social media to see if anyone is missing their cat.

We will scan all cats presented as strays but in the event of no identification found will rehome healthy cats via Greenacres animal rescue. Greenacres do a fantastic job of trying to rehome as many cats as possible but their resources are limited and so a simple microchip will mean so many more cats will be reunited with their owners as quickly as possible.



For the next 3 months we will be placing microchips for the discounted price of £10 which includes registration. 

Don’t miss out!  


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